Get Off the Spending Carousel!

The media in our culture invites us to spend money every hour of every day. Banks and businesses compete aggressively for your money. Billions of dollars are spent in marketing and advertising. We’ve all fallen prey to the media pressure to buy that newer model of whatever we desire. Below are some tips to help you get off the spending carousel.

1) Pay Cash – When you pay cash you spend less. Watching that cash leave your hand makes a lasting impression on your brain. Research says that we spend less spending cash than plastic.

2) Don’t go to the mall – If you don’t go there you can’t spend there.

3) Research your purchases – Stop buying things on impulse. There are good deals out there if you’ll be patient and weigh all your options. Sometimes a ‘slightly used’ item can be just as good as brand new (with less expense).

4) Try out a No Spend Weekend. Commit to spending no money on anything for a 3 day period. You might actually eat food off of your shelf. Isn’t that what you bought it for?

5) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. There will always be someone that has more than you. Did you ever stop to think they may earn more than you? Did you ever stop to think they may be over their head in debt? Spend based on your needs and goals, not those of someone else.

The mantra of “I gotta have more” is ever present in our culture. Have you been listening and acting on this pressure? You can get off the spending the carousel. It begins with choice. Dave Ramsey shares that winning with money is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. Are you ready to behave better with your money? I hope the tips I shared will help you begin to make necessary changes. If you have a tip you would like to add please share it in comments.